RapidWright FPL 2019 TutorialΒΆ

Tutorial Segment Time Purpose
Hello, World Jup 5 mins Intro to RapidWright within Jupyter Notebook
Create Netlist from Scratch Jup 10 mins How to build a netlist from scratch
Pipeline Generator 15 mins How to generate a circuit in RapidWright
Pre-implemented Modules: Part I 15 mins How to create a pre-implemented module
Pre-implemented Modules: Part II 15 mins How to use and relocate pre-implemented modules
Probe Re-router Jup 20 mins Fast probe routing on existing implementation
SAT Router Jup (Linux only) 15 mins How to use a SAT engine to solve routing congestion
Create and Use an SLR Bridge 20 mins Combine Vivado and RapidWright generated citcuits
Basic Routing Jup 20 mins How to build a basic router in RapidWright

Jup = Jupyter Notebook Tutorial

Title: RapidWright: Enabling Application-optimized FPGA Implementations
Where: Vertex building at the UPC/BSC Campus, Barcelona, Spain - FPL 2019
When: Thursday, September 12th, 2019, morning half-day
Organizers: Chris Lavin and Alireza Kaviani